Win a case of the first (and – we think – still the best!) organic energy drink


We swear by Gusto Original Energy – and here’s your chance to find out why, by winning one of 15 cases of this delicious ‘bottled get-up-and-go’ drink (each worth £24 - 12 bottles)

Now: hands up who’d like more energy? Our go-to product for years has been Gusto Organic Energy.

First off: we need to declare that the recipe for this was the invention of Jo (Fairley)’s husband Craig Sams (her Green & Black’s co-founder, who also launched Whole Earth Foods).

Craig used to serve this uplifting blend at parties – and eventually, agreed to share it with the world. We’ve relied on Gusto ever since then – not every day, but for a serious turbo-charged boost when there’s a deadline looming, a project that needs to be seen through to completion (it’s brilliant when spring-cleaning!), when we need to sparkle at a party or in Jo’s case, before she gives a speech, for amazing focus.

What makes Gusto different to most energy drinks is that it’s powered by guarana, which offers a much more sustained lift than – for instance – coffee, which lifts you up fast and crashes you down again even faster. Alongside the Brazilian guarana, however, are 14 Chinese herbs chosen to help mental performance, Siberian ginseng for stamina and genuine African cola nut. (‘The Amazonians rely on guarana as an aphrodisiac, a source of stimulation and a means to prolong life, Gusto tell us!’) FYI, the drink is also Soil Association-certified organic.

Gusto would now like YOU to get your mojo working by winning a case of Gusto Organic Energy. (You can read more about it on the Gusto website, here.) Gusto – which you can find in natural food stores like Wholefoods or online at Ocado here – is normally priced £1.99; each of our 15 winners will receive a full case of 12. (It’s most delicious iced, and with a twist of lemon!)

Simply fill in the form below, to enter – and to find out more about this unique drink, visit Gusto at

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 21st March 2018