Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Customisable Lipstick and Double Mirror Cases

Screenshot 2018-04-05 10.18.11.png

Well, this is RIDICULOUSLY exciting.

We've long been fans of the so-glamorous Guerlain Rouge G lipstick. But now, not only has the formula itself been made even more luscious – see below – the real excitement is that you can now choose a customised cover, with more than a dozen different cases to choose from (see a selection, above).

And if you want to get really personal, there is even the option of having the 'mirror' cases embossed with a crystal initial.

First, the new-and-improved formulation. Gloriously moisturising as well as high-octane glamorous, this now features ruby powder (an optical brightener to enhance shine), tiger grass, wild mango butter and myrrh – used in Ayurvedic medicine. (Guerlain call it 'guggul resin', but myrrh is what it is.)

The incredibly elegant case (designed by jeweller Lorenz Bäumer) features a great mirror and a clever closure: you slide out the lipstick to flip the 'compact' open. The choice of cases, meanwhile (they're £14.50 extra) includes faux croc and snakeskin, high gloss, leather, bold patterns. (Sadly, the one downside is that they're not compatible with the earlier Rouge G lipsticks.)

We can't even begin to do the maths about the number of options – 22 shades, loads of case choices. But we're going to have such fun working out our personal perfect combo!!!!

Rouge G de Guerlain Customisable Lipstick/£24.50 – buy here

Rouge G Double Mirror Lipstick Case/£14.50 – buy here