Yardley Bath & Body Collection


Payday was a while ago. Next one’s still a way off. These, then, are perfect mid-month, won’t-break-the-bank splurges, from those very nice people at Yardley London.

Each is fragranced to echo one of seven Yardley Contemporary Classics Eaux de Toilette – English Bluebell, English Lavender, English Rose, Lily of the Valley, April Violets, English Dahlia and English Freesia.

Each comes in a choice of three treats. The Luxury Body Wash lathers gently, with a cream-gel texture that leaves a great veil of scent on the skin. For even more oomph in the cleansing department, try the creamy-textured Exfoliating Body Scrub, which is enriched with shea butter. (NB The walnut powder does mean this is best used at the end of a bath, or in the shower, to avoid a gritty bottom.)

Last but not least, we’re really loving the Silky Smooth Body Lotion, which is also packed with shea butter and just fab for spritzing the matching scent on top of, to time-release the fragrance with little wafts, during the day. (Or simply on its own.)

Yardley have worked hard to up the naturals in the range, which come in at anywhere between 85-90% of each formulation.

Layerable loveliness – for less lolly.

£6-8 for 250 ml – buy here

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