Green People Travel/Starter Kits

Weirdly, the press release for these collections trumpeted the statistic that 66% of us are planning a UK-based break this year – which means the fact these feature airport-security-friendly sizes is a bit irrelevant. (And if you're having a real staycation – as Jo will be in her garden shed next week – there's absolutely no packing at all, and you can just use your normal products.)

 Still, who wants to lug more weight around anywhere than they have to? And the other virtue of travel kits, we always think, is that they're a low-risk way to trial new products before you decide to spring for the full size. (Which you may well, with some of these). A brief run-down, then, of the kits on offer from eco-beauty pioneers Green People for 'staycation summer'. Basically, match to your lifestyle or beauty concern. (Almost everything vegan-approved, BTW.) 

Daily Essentials Starter Pack  Key ingredients include organic aloe vera, calendula, jojoba, marshmallow and green tea, and the kit includes Gentle Cleanse & Make-up Remover (30m)l, Fruit Scrub Exfoliator (30ml – one of the only facial exfoliators the Beauty Bible team have ever felt 100% happy using, for its ultra-gentleness) and Day Solution SPF15 Moisturiser (10ml), for daily skin protection.  

Sensitive Skin Starter Pack  The one for touchy skins, showcasing a trio from the Green People Neutral Scent Free collection, in 30ml sizes: Cleanser & Make-up Remover, Light Day Moisturiser and Anti-Ageing 24-hour Cream. In this range, key ingredients include organic evening primrose, olive squalane, avocado, green tea and jojoba.  

Nightly Rituals Starter Pack  Targeted at more mature skins, this, with a capsule collection focused around evening primrose, seaweed, avocado and rosehip, offering Rejuvenating Eye Cream (10ml), Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream (30ml) and Fruitful Nights Night Cream (30ml).

Holiday Sun Starter Pack  Featuring marine-friendly ingredients (something that's being talked about more and more), we've given these products to sun-sensitive friends and sufferers from prickly heat who've found the experience of sunning themselves has been transformed. Find organically-certified Scent Free Sun Lotion, Sun Lotion SPF15 with Natural Tan Accelerator, which is said to increase tanning by 25% (NB we can't actually attest to that benefit personally), along with the all-important Hydrating After Sun Lotion, all in 30ml sizes. Key ingredients here include aloe vera, edelweiss, green tea, chamomile and avocado.

So: staycationing, vacationing or stuck in the office on your tod while everyone else swans off to the sun, they're a great intro to some great products. 

Daily Essentials Starter Pack/£17 – buy here 

Holiday Sun Starter Pack/£14.50 – buy here 

Sensitive Skin Starter Pack/£18.50 – buy here

Nightly Rituals Starter Pack/£21 – buy here