Flora & Curl Hydrate Me Rose & Honey Milk Leave-in Detangler


This is designed for curly hair. In reality, we have slightly wavy hair rather than curly hair, but we’re very taken with it nonetheless. (And – duh – despite the name, we hadn’t quite twigged that Flora & Curl was basically for curly-haired types, when we fell for this.)

We began using it on the beach, slicking it onto hair before swimming. It’s good as a conventional leave-in conditioner, with its blend of coconut and calendula oils, but wonderful at protecting against seawater and chlorine; a wide-toothed comb just glides through hair after you emerge, mermaid-like, from the waters. (Other botanicals include organic damask rosewater, honey, sunflower, marigold, oat and vitamin B, and the range is free from silicones, sulphates, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances.) If you’ve a child whose hair tangles easily, we also recommend it for post-shampoo de-knotting.

What got us using it first when it landed on our desks was the heavenly, pampering smell: an irresistible mix of rose, coconut and honey. A little bit of tropical paradise, in a bottle – not over-fragranced, but just lovely.

This newly-launched botanical haircare collection also just launched a fab travel-sized kit of the Leave-in Detangler, Superfruit Shampoo, Hair Mist, Superfruit Hair Oil and Curl Refresh Clay Wash, tucked inside a tropical print bag – a great way to try almost the whole curl-friendly kaboodle for yourself.

But all round, great for waves. And, as we’ve discovered, actual waves.

Organic Rose & Honey Milk Detangler/£19 for 250 ml – buy here

The Moisture Discovery Kit (5 products and bag)/£45.50 – buy here

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