Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops

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If there’s one thing we like more than gradual tanning drops, it’s 98.8% NATURAL gradual tanning drops. So these Balance Me drops have been fast-tracked to our summer beauty shelf, adding a golden glow little by little, as and when we feel the need.

The effect is also truly natural – which is what we really want – and the drops can be used with a face or body product. You simply add a drop or two to your regular facial or body moisturiser, blend in the palm and smooth into skin. We found that two drops on two consecutive nights were perfect for the face, with one drop for maintenance (or another two drops blended into night cream, two days later).

For body, where the square footage is bigger, a generous dollop of body butter blended with four or five drops of the vitamin E- and aloe vera-enriched product does just fine.

However, the tanning ingredient is DHA – so effects do vary, depending on your individual skin. Remember: you can always use a drop or two more, the next night – and we tend to err on the side of caution, with self-tanners, at all times. What you don't want to do is go crazy, because the level of DHA in this is very concentrated.

We love that this comes in a travel-friendly 4 ml size, for getaways. And we we can see ourselves using this to keep our amazing golden aura going, long after the sun’s set on this extraordinary summer.

£30 for 30 ml (and £10 for 4 ml) – buy here