Spots & Stripes (skincare for teens and tweenagers)


We once did a Beauty Bible book-signing tour of Britain in high street drugstores during which we spent much of our time trying to keep teenagers with troubled skins from buying paint-stripper toners and treatments. In point of fact, what teenage skins mostly need is gentleness, effectiveness – and formulations/packaging which invite diligent use. Ideally, earth-friendly, too – because these things (happily) matter a lot to the younger generation.

And here is a range that ticks all those boxes, founded by an incredibly knowledgeable beauty editor, Charlotte-Anne Fidler, who tested them on her own daughters, Anouk, now 14, and Bo, 10. Spots & Stripes is targeted at boys AND girls, taking into account all the challenges of ‘teenager’ and ‘tween’ skin, with the range covering everything from haircare and bath products to deodorants via great skincare options like Gentle Cleansing Lotion (there’s an option for boys and for girls), and Super Balm (a multi-tasking spot-zapper/lip-smoother/bite-buster).

These last two have particularly taken our fancy: the lotion works a treat, getting its gentle cleansing power from kukui and coconut oils, while oils of chamomile, lavender and mint work to calm and target bacteria that can lead to spots. And that balm? Just luscious. (No idea how it does on spots or bites, but it’s pretty darned fantastic for lips.)

And with its eye-catching designs featuring spots (for girls) and stripes (for boys), this could be the first time in all of history that parents have been borrowing products from teenagers, rather than the other way around.

£12-14 – buy here