Adaptive make up for summer skin


Q. I’m trying to find a tinted moisturiser for summer that will match my skin as I get a bit tanned. Also: something for my dark circles please.

A. At Beauty Bible HQ, we have just been trying a duo of products that should totally do the biz for you. Korean-inspired French brand Erborian, now under the umbrella of the L’Occitane beauty empire, launched their CC (‘Complexion Corrector’) Crème SPF25/£38 for 45 ml, a couple of years back to rapturous reviews, including from Beauty Bible tester panels.

The CC Crème helps skin looks smoother and more even-toned through the techno-wizardry of illuminating ‘colour controller’ pigments. The clever thing is that the product comes out white and then adapts to your skin tone (in three seconds, they say) so you don't have any of that faff of finding the right colour for now, then needing to update through the summer.

After trialling the CC Crème, one tester commented  it was ‘The best product I have found for evening out skin tone. It seems to make my skin more radiant and look so much better that it gives me confidence. Several people had said how good my skin looks.’

Another wrote: ‘It did what it said, making my skin smoother and more luminous.’ And another tester reported ‘This sits perfectly underneath foundation [as a primer] but I preferred to use it on its own. Wonderful product that made my skin look healthy and radiant, soft and dewy – and gave a good smoothing out of wrinkles, also camouflaged a couple of dark spots.’

The big news is that the CC Crème has now been joined by CC Eye: Radiance Eye Contour Cream/£34 for 10 ml, which is a small work of genius if you have under eye creases from puffy eye bags, dark circles or blue shadows on the inner corners of your eyes. You put little dots from the teeny nozzle around the eye zone,  then pat them in and – almost magically – it blurs lines and imperfections such as brown patches, illuminates shadowy areas, and brightens and lightens the whole eye zone.

It’s an effective moisturiser of the delicate skin round the eye and it also promises that make up will last longer. Oh, and it all looks completely natural… We’re in for the long haul with these.