Bathing Beauty Babylon Soap


Soap is having a massive revival.

Partly, it’s the plastic thing: you get to the end of a body wash or hand wash – and then what…? Whereas with soap, once it’s gone, it’s gone. (And we like to keep it to the very last sliver.)

Bathing Beauty specialise in ‘clean beauty’, and this is one of their latest offerings (yet again, spotted by Jo at that fab Spring Fair show).

If you don’t like patchouli, stop reading right now. But if, like us, you love, love, love patchouli, you are going to go tonto for this. It’s pretty much as patchouli-ish as any product gets, in a skin-friendly blend with tiny, buffing poppy seed grains, in a nourishing (and palm oil-free) hemp oil base.

And that packaging? It’s like a Camembert box, but with nicer graphics. Use it for paperclips. Or jewellery. Or – if worst comes to worst and it goes to landfill – it’ll simply biodegrade.

£8 for 120g – buy here