Now we can all be California Girls (courtesy of John Frieda...)


Love the Beach Boys. (Humming as we write.) And love, love, love these solutions from John Frieda salons for tackling hair that's suffered collateral damage while you were enjoying some sun, sea and sand.

Certainly, if you return from your vacation with green-tinged hair, you won't be the first. Ditto, brassiness. Or maybe the hardness of the water in your holiday hot-spot's made your hair dry and brittle.

New in and available at their salons on Alford Street and New Cavendish Street are three California Cleanse Hair Treatments – brought to you direct from the sun-soaked, outdoorsy West Coast – which are sulphate-free, paraben-free, all-natural and vegan. They each take only 15 minutes of your life (we can all find a spare 15 minutes, in August!), and cost just £20 on top of your regular hairstyling/cutting/colour charge.

They've got pretty coolster names, too:

Take The Plunge – for tackling chlorine build-up, which can leave hair crunchy, prone to tangles, dry and brittle. This treatment strips out chlorine, calcium, lime or salt, restoring body, bounce and shine.

Hard Water Hair Detox – hard water is common abroad, and the minerals that are deposited on hair will make hair brassy and encourage colour-fade. Your previously gleaming tresses may also become rough and drier. Well, this treatment infuses hair with moisture and shine, leaving it manageable again.

Colour a-go-go – this is actually a preparation treatment before bleaching, to remove temporary colour. (Bored with that Dame Edna mauve or poodle pink? This is for you.) It eliminates minerals and oxidisers, to ensure that the colour applied will stay 'true'.

Your stylist will be able to advise which is most appropriate for you – but they're a fast track to un-trashing post-holiday hair.

John Frieda Aldford Street 4 Alford Street, London W1K 2AE /020-7491 0240

John Frieda New Cavendish Street 75 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6XA /020-7636 1401