Chanel Le Vernis Metallics


We’ve been to some pretty incredible launches in our time. One of the highlights, though, was when the (then) resident Chanel make-up artists, Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz, unveiled Chanel Le Vernis.  In Paris, a couple of decades (oh, heck probably more) ago. At Chanel HQ. Wowzer. ‘I Love My Job’ days don’t get much ritzier than the unveiling of Chanel’s polish line-up.

Its most famous incarnation, of course, was the famous ‘Vamp’ - Rouge Noir. Since then, we’ve lusted over a rainbow of colours in all manner of finishes. But we’re not sure we’ve ever fallen quite so strongly for a collection of polishes as these, released today (7th June) for summer 2019. A dazzling line-up of metallics just crying out – shrieking, actually - to be shown off on a pedicure. (What we will say is that since those early days, the formula’s improved hugely and now offers great chip-proof staying power.)

Which do we fancy most…? Bright orange 729 Radiant Arancio is right up there. But we’re torn. How pretty is that shimmering, perfectly named 721 Radiant Ballerina, on the left…? (Jo’s thinking that could become her new manicure-shade-of-choice, actually.) And what could be more beach-perfect than the mermaid-y 723 Radiant Verde, second from left?

Those of the kind of decisions we can handle…

£22 – buy here