Cavallini & Co. Vintage Pouch


 These popped into our Instagram feed recently and we snapped up a couple as pressies. And then couldn’t part with one of them and had to buy another…

They’re sold in the UK by Present Indicative, which is a great gift website offering items that are just that bit ‘smarter’ than the average… (Sections are divided into Humanities, Science, The Arts, etc.)

The Ferns and Wildflower Specimens ‘vintage-style’ make-up bags – made by Cavallini & Co. – are made of pleasingly heavy cotton (almost a sailcloth), beautifully printed and with a leather string-pull on the zipper.. The ferns version taps right into the Instagram trend for houseplants (we’re also crazy about plants right now), while the other is simply… irresistibly pretty. (There are other choices, including Cacti and Succulents – again, very on-trend.)

If you’re happy with your current make-up bag, these are also brilliant for tidying up all those chargers and cables we seem to need to carry around with us as an annoying fact of modern life.

Thanks for this one, Instagram. (Makes a change from ads for Mahabis, no?)

£11.99 – find the Ferns bag here and the Wildflower Specimens bag here