Sea Magik Turmeric Serenity Salts


 Unusually, Jo was recently felled by a nasty virus and spent a couple of days in bed. (Nobody can remember this in recent history.) She definitely needed something to get her back on her feet, however – and these (which we found at the Natural & Organic Products Show) came up trumps.

They’re Epsom salts – known to be amazingly restorative – but with some added extras. The first is anti-inflammatory turmeric (which gives the bath a pale yellow tinge). Jo was super-generous and added half a pack, being in the midst of a real health S.O.S., but a cupful would do for a typical bath. The second is bitter orange oil, which is wonderfully mood-lifting and definitely helped ramp up her energy levels a few degrees. And then there’s safflower oil – enough of it to leave skin really quite soft and silky.

They’re designed for mindfulness – and Jo will continue to enjoy them at night, to help wind down – but to that benefit, we can add: she definitely experienced a Lazarus effect. Enough to get her through a weekend of guests and a christening, and put her back on the path to feeling ‘normal’. 

Ah, the healing powers of bathing… 

£8.99 for 1 kilo – buy here