Over the past few years, phones have morphed into wellbeing tools. Yes, there are the infinite temptations of social media, the potential for ‘blue light’ to keep us awake – but there are so many other positive things a phone can do for us, too, from tracking steps through to helping us tackle the stresses and angsts of daily life.

At Beauty Bible, we’ve long been meditators – you’ll often have seen us talk up Headspace. But sometimes, a change is as good as a rest, and we wanted to share news of an app (and a website) that we are very, very taken with. has been going for some time but has only just made it onto our radar. But it’s so incredibly inviting to use, we look forward to our morning meditation as never before. (Actually, you only have to open the app and it invites you to ‘take a deep breath’ – which sometimes is all that’s needed to de-stress).

Going beyond that, whenever things feel a tad overwhelming, we tap the Breathe Bubble – you follow the instructions to breathe in and out while looking at a kind of balloon inflating and deflating, and it slows your breath right down. There are meditation series on breaking bad habits, on focus, forgiveness, self-esteem – you name it. And you’ve got to love any website or app which offers a Winnie the Pooh series, with episodes on worry (that’ll be Piglet), pessimism (Eeyore), Busyness (Rabbit) and Authenticity (Tigger).

Calm? We’re certainly more so, thanks to this.