L’Officine Universelle Buly Huile Antique Berkane Orange Blossom


We know you want this bottle on your dressing table? Who wouldn’t? But it’s what’s inside that has us even more excited. 

L’Officine Universelle Buly (or ‘Buly’ for short), if you don’t know already, is a truly special brand worth sleuthing out, if you don’t already know it. (We used to haul our Buly bounty back from Paris, but they now have  a mini-store in Selfridges and a website that ships to the UK).

An almost ancient French brand, reinvented by Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac, they have created an extensive range that looks like it was Tardis-ed from bygone Paris but is completely up-to-date texture-wise – and with scents to swoon for.

We happened upon a (GORGEOUS!) bottle of this lately and our parched winter limbs have been almost signing with gratitude since. Dispensed from the aforementioned bottle via a hole that is actually the perfect size – unlike so many, which either splurt too much or require you to shake violently – this is a sumptuous oil that smells sublimely of orange blossom. It instantly nourishes and softens – while whisking us to Marrakech during orange blossom season! – but as a dry oil, isn’t greasy at all.

Just a few seconds later, you’ll be fabulously fragrant, silky-smooth – yet there’s no visible trace of the oil. Clever stuff and definitely one for the birthday wishlist, or a payday splurge. And if (unlike us) orange blossom isn’t your favourite smell? Choose from tuberose, rose or Antique Scottish Lichen, which is wonderfully mossy – and more unisex, should you fancy a little mutual slathering with this glorious oil.

We’ll leave it there…

 £49 for 190ml at Selfridges (you can also find it online at buly1803.com – click here)