Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel


It’s perfectly fair to say that Bio-Oil – a go-to treatment for many sufferers of dry skin – has been a one-trick pony, for decades.  

So something new under the Bio-Oil umbrella is big beauty news indeed – and (cue drumrolls and trumpets), it comes in the form of a ‘Dry Skin Gel’.

What’s that when it’s at home? (At home and on your bedside table, is what we recommend.) Bottom line is that it’s a more user-friendly formulation than an oil – which some people find too oily. (That sounds a bit ‘duh’, but it’s a fact!) However, co-owner and head of R&D for Bio Oil, David Letschert, has been busy in his lab coming up with a gel which has really high quantities of oils, and is therefore able to lock in moisture very effectively. It also features high levels of skin-friendly ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerine and urea – and a little goes a surprisingly long way.

Skin breathes, it feels comfy – and 82% of those who took part in trials saw an improvement in dry skin in just two days.

Clever stuff – and just in time for the central heating season, which dry skin hates with a vengeance.

From £4.99 for 50ml – buy here