Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation


If you hate the feeling of foundation on your face, head straight for this. It’s the barely-there-est base we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying on our skin, just released from Benefit.

In their own trials, 99% of wearers said it feels ‘weightless’ – and it just does. 98% of them said it was ‘breathable’ – and we’d agree.

Somehow you wouldn’t expect a foundation which feels so light to offer any kind of decent coverage, though, would you? But that’s where this really wins. Its texture may be almost like water – honestly, it’s that liquid – but the coverage is great. It ‘sets’ almost immediately to a soft, not-quite-matte finish, blurring imperfections brilliantly and looking completely and utterly natural on the skin. (It’s kind to lines, too.)

Even better: there are 12 shades, right through to really, really dark – an incredibly inclusive line-up. But even then, the shades are surprisingly ‘forgiving’ – accidentally buy a shade lighter or darker than maybe you would naturally wear, and it’ll still work.

There’s an incidental SPF15 but since you’re not going to be slathering this all over your face (YOU’RE NOT, ARE YOU???), that’s almost immaterial.

If this was a dress, it’d be that floaty, flimsy, almost see-through style that (personally) we can no longer get away with. Instead, we’ll happily waft through summer (and beyond) with its foundation equivalent.

£25.50 – buy here