Modern Botany Deodorant

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When we were told about this, our initial reaction was: ‘Yeah, right.’

A unisex deodorant that you'd actually want to wear a behind your ears, as well as in your pits…? Hah.

But actually, we’re rather loving this aromatic blend by Modern Botany (an Irish start-up), which is free from aluminium abd parabens yet really does (we’ve tried it) have an effective anti-microbial, deodorising and astringent action. (We don’t suggest using it on just-de-fuzzed armpits, however – a caveat we’d make

This is down to the essential oil blend, which comes in a witch hazel base. Think: sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood, eucalyptus and vetiver. With those ingredients, this is definitely earthy/woody/herbal rather than pretty-pretty – but it’s super-weraable.

AND it looks as good as it smells – an unexpected bonus, but always welcome.

£25 for 100 ml ­– buy here