Beauty Clinic: Skin Supplements


Q. Can you suggest a good supplement to help skin quality please? I am mid-40s and my complexion is beginning to show signs of ageing – a few more lines, a bit more sagging etc.  Also in the winter it always seems to look less bright and supple. A. Before we get on to targeted supplements, we know you know all the basics – but they bear repeating. Your skin and of course your whole body and brain will thrive on good fresh food – which you eat slowly sitting down (not a sandwich in your hand as you rush around) - with plenty of oily fish, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruit, plus lots of still water (preferably room temperature or at this time of year as herbal tea), sipped not glugged.

Regarding supplements, we consulted pharmacist Shabir Daya at Victoria Health who proposed the following options to help boost the texture and tone of the skin:

Solgar Anti-Ageing Restore and its partner Solgar Renewal. Restore is a Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex, which has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin dryness. Renewal is based on Nutri-Nano CoQ-10, which helps replace co-enzyme Q-10, an antioxidant that helps cells regenerate but is depleted as we age. As Shabir says, ‘this makes sense in terms of skin plumping and providing fuel for regeneration’.

Turmeric is a multi-active nutrient (the 'golden spice of India') and is a new buzzword in skin enhancement. Shabir says ‘many people report a brighter complexion since it may clear toxins from the bloodstream and it helps alleviate acne too’. Turmeric is also a potent anti-inflammatory, which helps all manner of aches and pains and might benefit inflammatory skin problems such as rosacea. Pukka Herbs Wholistic Organic Turmeric/£15.95 for 30 capsules, and Turmeric Gold tea bags, which combine Indian turmeric, Sicilian lemon and green tea/£4.78 for 40 sachets.

Vitamin C is known to enhance collagen manufacture but do use a non-acidic version, recommends Shabir. We like Altrient C, a high dose gel that comes in a daily sachet. One tester found combining Altrient C with a spoonful of Super Elixir, Elle Macpherson’s green food supplement, in a glass of coconut water led to super-radiant skin that elicited a lot of compliments.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids help restore natural fats in skin and thus improve skin elasticity so, if you don't include oily fish, nuts and seeds and plenty of fats in your diet, do consider a supplement such as IdealOmega 3/£35.98 for 60 capsules (one a day).

Making sure you have an optimal daily intake of vitamins and minerals is vital so consider a supplement such as Viridian Nutrition Woman 40+ Multi/£24.95 for 60 capsules.

Finally, we have had noticeable results from taking Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Supplement/£46 for 30 days supply. Sarah recommends taking these anti-ageing nutrients, packaged in a capsule and a tablet, at night when skin regeneration occurs, with Omega+ Booster Supplement/£28 for 90 capsules. As well as nutrients to boost your skin, Overnight Facial offers concentrated lavender, hops, vitamin B6 and magnesium to help sleep quality.