Tom Ford Lips & Boys


We've raved about Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipsticks before, here. But in time for Christmas they've added lots more gorgeous shades, so there's everything from the palest Bardot nude through to deep claret-y reds via corals, pinks and more. All named after boys. (And we won't ask where Tom got his inspiration.)

You'll be spoiled for choice. Unless, that is, you spring for the 50-shade set at Selfridges, which has to be top of every lipstick-lover's lust list, this Christmas. Every very flush lipstick-lover, that is, since it comes in at – wait for it – £1500. One of those 'let's-buy-a-lottery-ticket-and-keep-our-fingers-crossed' products, for sure – but at least the lipsticks are available individually, as consolation.

And as anyone who's carrying one of these around will tell you: that's quite some consolation.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipstick/£28 or £1500 for the set at