Alexander McQueen Bath & Body


Still struggling for a gift for that fashionista on your list…? Here’s an alternative to scarf/costume jewellery/furry handbag dingly-dangly thing: something (or everything) from the spectacularly chic Alexander McQueen pampering collection, infused with the signature scent from one of Britain’s best-loved designer names. If they love tuberose they will ADORE this fragrance, in which that white flower pulses alongside other night-bloomers. It’s elegant-yet-sexy – and we think the bodycare is a lovely (and slightly more subtle) way to wear it.

The packaging for this is seriously, satisfyingly hefty and chic.

And trust us: all the most fashionable dressing tables are wearing it.

Alexander McQueen Bath & Body/from £59 for 250ml Shower Gel or Body Lotion to £75 for 180 ml Rich Body Cream