Avon K-Beauty Collection Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask

Screenshot 2019-05-08 20.29.51.png

We’ve tried plenty of sleep masks that are priced 10 times this one. And accordingly, we declare this a total beauty steal.

A truly impressive skin treat, for the price, it’s from Avon’s new Korean beauty-inspired mask range. (Yup, there’s a lot of it about. But we’re not bored YET…)

Not a sheet mask (unlike many K-beauty offerings), but a pot of rich cream, you use it like a night cream. To be honest, sleep masks are pretty much night creams by another name, except that they’re generally used occasionally for a booster, rather than nightly. And unlike many face masks, you slather these on and leave them, allowing the ingredients to sink right in.

Here, that means a trio of mushroom extracts (including beauty buzzy golden mushroom), which deliver a whoosh of vitamin D, antioxidants and selenium. 

Don’t forget the neck and décolletage – we saw real improvements there. (And at this price, you can afford to be lavish.)

£6 for 50g – buy here