Aveda Speed of Light ™ Blow Dry Accelerator Spray


Aveda claims this recently launched primer spray can reduce blow dry time in half. And in a 10-day ‘consumer perception study’, three out of five women agreed.

Since blow-drying is the most time-consuming stage of washing a mane in the morning – just when you’re trying to do 15 impossible things before breakfast like the White Queen in Alice - Sarah put it to the test on her shoulder length mop.

Ta-dah! After trialling it five times she’s happy to confirm Speed of Light really does the biz. Usual drying time 10-12 minutes; with this, about six to seven from towel dry to ready-to-style.

You do need to use plenty of product though. They advise towel- drying, then sectioning into four quadrants, and spraying each until saturated. It doesn't really work unless you do.

As you’d expect from Aveda, the ingredients are 90% naturally derived, vegan and silicone-free. The spritz-on product is lightweight, with zero sticky residue. The key compound is lactic acid from sugar beets, which – science bit here – lowers the pH and flattens the hair cuticle. This helps to seal the cuticle, separating and detangling the hair strands so there is more airflow around them, speeding up the drying time.

The spray also contains a corn-derived humectant and coconut conditioner to help protect hair against heat.

Plus, it smells delicious thanks to one of Aveda’s Pure-Fume™ aromas, with mandarin, star anise and ylang ylang. 

Time to turbo-charge your morning.

£21 for 200ml - buy here