Aman Skincare


Aman hotels are the last word in luxury. They’re on many a travelista’s bucket list. (We’re lucky enough to have stayed in one or two, and dream of going back.) Their incredibly exacting standards in design and service have built their amazing reputation – but have also meant that it’s taken almost three decades for them to launch a range of skincare and bodycare (principally for use in their spas) that they’re happy to put their name on.

Can we talk about packaging, first of all? We know it really shouldn’t be our first priority, but there’s no getting away from the beauty of this. Each object is seriously sculptural – so much so that it’d be almost criminal to throw them away (or even recydle), without coming up with a second use for the jars and bottles. (Sexiest paper clip holder in the world, anyone?)

The range is inspired by Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom, while the fragrances as wonderful – truly grounding oils (there’s lots of sandalwood), that immediately make the world feel like it’s moving a little more slowly.

We are particularly loving…

Grounding Body Oil (£100 for 100ml). Incredinly moisturising, with baobab oil (which offers one of the highest concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants of any fruit), alongside St. John’s wort, and deliciously sandalwood-y.

Nourishing Jade Mask Concentrate (£75 for 50ml). A delectable cream-gel mask packed with royal jelly, homeopathic gold and vitamin B12, alongside lashings of plumping hyaluronic acid.

Nourishing Coconut Milk Bath Salts (£85 for 160g). Creamy salts (not sure how they do that, but that’s just what they are). Rich in coconut milk, fatty acids, copper and other minerals, they veil skin beautifully in the so-soothing Aman fragrance.

There are just so, so many delights in this range – all natural, all gorgeous (and all requiring something of a beauty investment, NB). We picked just three favourites – but do have a mooch at their website, and swoon. It’s almost as wonderful as actually staying there.

But we did say ‘almost’.