Ashley & Co Soothe Tube


Soothe Tube. Doesn’t the name just make you feel just a little bit calmer, saying it out loud? And that’s before you’ve tried this nurturing hand cream, with its blend of shea butter, vitamin E and chamomile. (Just the perfect antidote to central heating-related paperiness, which many of us experiencing right now.)

Ashley & Co is a brand new name to us, just landed at Selfridges. Its founder, Jackie Ashley, travelled to exotic destinations as a child and grew up in Hong Kong – experiences which influenced the beautiful fragrances you can experience across diffusers, body washes, candles – and these creams.

There are nine scents in the range (though only five at Selfridges, where the range just landed from New Zealand, where Jackie is based).

Where to start? We’re keen on them all, actually. If we had to choose one, it’d be Parakeets & Pearls, fresh with green, offering lilies spiced with cardamom. If we’re allowed three, we’d also go for Bubbles & Polkadots, swirling with rich florals and rose otto – a comforting ‘fresh-washed baby’ scent, and the delicious Vine & Paisley, which is a woody-Oriental rounded by sandalwood, moss and balsam notes.

And just the ticket for our winter-papery hands, right now.

£17 each for 75ml – buy here