Neal's Yard Remedies Intense Facial Rejuvenation


We love, love, love a facial that’s truly hands-on.

We also love a facial that uses products we know, love and use ourselves - and going back for forever, of course, that’s included the Neal’s Yard Frankincense range.

For the first time, those products have been incorporated into a blissful facial. We enjoyed ours at Neal’s Yard’s original Treatment Rooms in Covent Garden (we think we first went there 30 years ago – although it’s had quite a makeover since then). But it’s been rolled out all over the country and you can find all the locations here.

The Frankincense Intense™ Facial Rejuvenation is a 90- minute ritual that starts – well, with a footbath, actually, while sipping on a Beautify tea. (Foot treats always welcome – and this intro to the treatment sure helps decompress, as soon as you you enter this calm space after the buzz on the streets outside.) You also get to choose a bespoke blend of oils to scent the air during your treatment.

The facial itself involves focuses on lengthy deep tissue massage – firming, de-puffing and amazingly de-stressing itself. It never ceases to amaze us how much tension we carry in our jaws!

We’re adding it to our list of go-to facials, straight away.

For more info, click here. (We can’t be precise on prices, BTW, because it varies from town to town – but our 90 minutes at Covent Garden is normally priced £90.)