Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection x Maria Grachvogel


Yup. We know. We write about this set of bath oils every Christmas. And we will, until hell freezes over, probably.

But this year, the peerless selection of Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oils is looking even more fabulous, don’t you think?

That’s because they enlisted super-talented Maria Grachvogel to design the packaging for the Christmas selection. (And it’s appropriately out of this world.)

Inside? What can we say about these oils that hasn’t been said? (By us, actually.) Each vial is enough for one glorious bath, the scent of which will fill the whole house, never mind the bathroom, with its aroma. In each set of 10, you’ll find Inner Strength, Deep Relax, Morning Revive and more – a complete ‘wardrobe’ of mood-shifters, for when the going gets tough.

It’s the gift we’d probably most like for Christmas. We’ve given it to more friends than we can count, over the years. And if there was one more plus, it’s that the boxes are really easy to wrap.

Not that you might want to, when they look like this!

£40 for 10 x 3 ml – buy here