Aveda Monogrammed Wooden Paddle Brush


If you’ve ever had to shout ‘Hands off MY hairbrush’ (and we have), this is brilliant. If you want to give someone a Christmas gift that’s really ‘them’, this is also brilliant.

Before we get to the monogramming, let’s discuss the brush. We love Aveda Wooden Paddle Brushes because they glide beautifully through our thick hair, leaving it shiny and manageable. And because they just plain feel nice in the hand. And now we like them even more.

Because for a limited period at Liberty, Aveda is offering the chance to have these brushes monogrammed by supercool artist and signwriter Archie Proudfoot.

Between Thursday 6th December and Saturday 8th December 2018, from 12 midday - 8 p.m., Archie will be offering exclusive one-to-one signwriting appointments to create the bespoke brushes.

The good news, though is that these limited edition personalised brushes already available on pre-order through Aveda at Liberty.

The deal? You buy a brush and one other Aveda product and the signwriting is complimentary. (How cool is that? Almost as cool as Archie himself, actually.)

For a one-to-one appointment or to make your Aveda order, call 020-7734 1234 (extension 2215).

And after this? They wouldn’t DARE borrow your brush!