Antonym Eyeshadow Quattro


Wooden and bamboo packaging is ‘a thing’. It’s tactile, it definitely feels easier on the conscience than lots of plastic, and it makes a change from the norm.

To be honest, though, we’re still not quite sure what to do with this packaging when we get to the product – there’s generally still plastic involved somewhere along the line, and this needs to be detached before you can leave it to decompose. (Or maybe use it for kindling…???) What we’re really looking forward to is the day when outer packaging like this is refillable. (We’d like ALL packaging to be refillable, actually! But there’ve been such huge strides made in green beauty over the last few years, taken by brands huge and teensy, that we have faith it will happen.)

Anyway, let’s not be nitpicky about this very nice ‘clean’ make-up brand by the name of Antonym, which is 99.62% natural. We’re particularly taken with the Noisette Eyeshadow Quattro (pretty much a clean beauty match shade-wise for our favourite Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage shadow palette): a perfect collection of silky-smooth, easy to apply neutrals for shading and defining.

There’s a mirror in the palette – and on present showing, the shadows will last for ages.  

By which point, we might have figured out what to do with the bamboo compact.

£37 – buy here