Q. I cannot find Tri-Aktiline anywhere. It appears in your anti-ageing book and on your website as being stocked by Boots – but no luck either in store or on-line!
A. For reasons best known to themselves the Good Skin brand has been pulled out of the UK by Estée Lauder, and so you really need to have a good hunt to find Tri-Aktiline, now.  This is the tyranny of what we do:  sometimes, even great products disappear from the shelves.  However as you’ll see from the link below, there are still supplies available in the UK, and we suggest you stock up.  We will personally mourn the disappearance of this wonder product!  Interestingly, the product which has most impressed testers for our most recent book, The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, is Benefit The Porefessional – designed to minimise the appearance of pores, but actually rather good on lines and wrinkles, our testers determined.

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Q. I’m now trying to properly take care of my skin, drinking lots of water etc. but the only problem I’m having is that I apply my make up – a liquid foundation, powder etc. – but within 20 minutes of walking out of the door my make-up has disappeared and I have to re-apply numerous times throughout the day. I have oily/combination skin. Any advice?

A. Try a primer.  Adding a primer into your make-up regime might seem like just one more step, but as make-up artist Jenny Jordan explains, ‘they not only help to ensure make-up stays put for longer, but can brighten skin – and even “fill in” fine lines.’  Jenny recommends Estée Lauder Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector – ‘slightly shimmery – the one to choose if you’re dead tired and feel you’re in a slump; you can even mix it with foundation for a beautiful glow’ (Sarah loves Spotlight too);  /136/skin-veil/” target=”_blank”>Cosmetics A La Carte Skin Veil.  In addition to using primer, we recommend a foundation brush for applying base;  Jenny advises:  ‘Use it to apply to the skin with the lightest, most feathery strokes which blend it seamlessly into the complexion.’  By all means then add powder over the top; try applying it with a velvet puff, then whisking away the excess with a fluffy powder brush.  We believe that if you follow these three steps, your make-up really should stay put.

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