Q. My mum is in her fifties and looks fab but she is just beginning to feel the pressure from her friends to have some ‘work’ done and I am so against it! I thought a lesson with a make-up artist to teach her how to apply her make up to give her that youthful glow would be far more sensible! Is there any one that I could book that with? Are there make-up artists that would meet for a consultation?
A. We absolutely believe in ‘the make-up facelift’.  The make-up brand Bobbi Brown have gone so far as to run ‘make-up facelift’ promotions, at their counters – and the Bobbi Brown counters are always an excellent place to start, for a makeover:  Bobbi’s guiding philosophy is to make women look like themselves, but prettier.  (The promo’s ended, but the counter staff still have the skill-set; for the Bobbi Brown store-finder, click here.)  The Laura Mercier counters are also a great place for a makeover.  Alternatively, we recommend our friend Jenny Jordan, who works out of her own daylight studio in London’s Belsize Park (020-7483 2222).

PS And we absolutely don’t believe, personally, in having ‘work’ done.  (Although it’s a free country.  We just ask that women go into this with their eyes open, and heartily recommend Wendy Lewis’s book on the subject: The Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies; it was written a few years ago but the advice on how to ensure you get the best possible results is perennial.)

•  Bobbi Brown – for locations click here

The Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies, £8.99 at www.amazon.co.ukbuy here


Q. Could you please give me some info on Karen Mason, the make-up artist? I’ve heard she gives one-on-one lessons in which she’ll ‘edit’ your make-up bag…

A. Good news: Karen Mason can be found working out of a wonderfully well-equipped studio in London NW6 (call 020-7372 6946 for details and bookings). She offers a 2-hour Intensive Make-Up Lesson (£150), a 4-hour session (£300), or – the ultimate – a full day (£600), which includes three hours’ of beauty shopping to track down your perfect products. She’s particularly good at helping women identify their most flattering colours, and will certainly expertly ‘edit’ your kit to make sure you’re using the best products for your skintype and tone. Enjoy!


Q. Could you make a recommendation for a one- or two-day make-up school in London? I’m interested in air-brushing. What do you know about the John Woodbridge School, or the Jemma Kidd classes? I’m a make-up artist from the US and will be travelling to London for a family visit, and would like to take a professional make-up class.

A.  We have heard great reports about Jemma Kidd’s school, so do consider this.  John Woodbridge is definitely a specialist in the airbrushing world, but do you want to work in film or TV, or print…?  He’s really a screen make-up artist.  The absolute ultimate professional make-up classes are held by Premier Hair & Make-up www.premierhairandmakeup.com - where teachers include Mary Greenwell and Nicola Joss, who are truly the leaders in their field, having worked on just about any glossy magazine you can name.  Both lovely and inspiring women, and make-up geniuses.  Whichever you choose, have a great time.


Q. So – here I am, within a whisker of being 60. Hair completely white and living in the country halfway up the Pennines. Work full-time. Need to get ready for the next decade. Who do I go to, to talk through ideas? Make-up sessions chez Harvey Nicks or wherever are done by girls/women less than half my age. I need someone of my own age who understands…

A. We understand! Our very best suggestion is to go to make-up artist Jenny Jordan’s Eyebrow & Make-up Clinic at 22 England’s Lane, Belsize Park, London NW3 4TG/020-7483 2222, www.jennyjordan.com. Jenny’s just wonderful. Not a kid – though of course we can’t speculate on her age! – and a lovely, sensitive, caring woman who is our friend as well as a vastly talented professional, and who has transformed the faces of celebrities worldwide as well as scores of ‘real’ women. She won’t pile on the products or give you a face you don’t recognise. She will make you look just like yourself but a little bit prettier, smoother, fresher. And Jenny is brilliant at giving you a routine to fit into your timetable: if you want to learn to do your make-up in five minutes she’ll give you the basics, plus add-ons so you can glam up in the evenings. So go, Jenny!