Do you want to tread a little more lightly on the planet…?
Are you concerned about exposure to so-called ‘toxic’ beauty ingredients…?

We know that the whole area of ‘green’ and ‘natural’ beauty can be hugely confusing – which is why we wrote our book The Green Beauty Bible. In that book (buy here) we look at all the eco-arguments – and bring you details of award-winning ‘green’ products trialled by over 4,000 women, in all.

Feedback from readers has told us that you find it fiendish trying to find out nitty-gritty info about ingredients. In Europe, for instance, by law every ingredient listed on packaging has to be translated into Latin – and as a result, just about everything comes out sounding like a synthetic chemical!

So: this section of the website features an A-Z OF INGREDIENTS for the less easy-to-understand ingredients which appear in products in The Green Beauty Bible. It’s not a complete guide to all cosmetics ingredients – just a tiny, tiny fraction – but it should help you better understand the ingredients lists for products that generally feature in our ‘green’ book.

But. Big but. There are, of course, regular ‘scare’ stories in the press about beauty products So what we would say is: what you put on your skin is just part of the story. Health and wellbeing is about what you eat, what you drink, whether or not you get exercise – and genetic triggers, too. Nevertheless, we hope this section helps you learn more about what’s in the jar or bottle.

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PS If you become more interested in ingredients, the most informative book on our own shelf is A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter – buy here.