ZitSticka KILLA Acne Patches


 Remember this name. (Not that Zitsticka is something you’re going to forget easily, we reckon.)

Because we reckon this is a brand that’s set to go stratospheric, having met the founders, two brothers-in-law, Robbie Miller and Daniel Kaplan.

The spot-zapper market was due for a shake-up, But of course, nice branding and a snappy name does not a success story make in itself. So let us tell you about this slightly revolutionary product itself – basically, a stick on dot that you apply when a spot is emerging. (The red, lumpy, irritated stage is ideal.)

The ingredients in the patch launch on a mission to seek and destroy – it’s not called KILLA for nothing. The key ingredient is a bacteria-busting peptide, Oligopeptide-7, which is boosted by niacinamide (B3), hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid. The clear covering (which by the way we think they should somehow also deploy to reinvent the sticking plaster market generally) shields the skin against further bacteria, while spot-targeting (literally) that zit.

So of course these aren’t suitable for people with full-blown acne – but for that occasional breakout which threatens to ruin a date night, a wedding reception or another important occasion…? Ideal.

But don’t take our word for it. Not being prone to breakouts ourselves (thank you, God), we gave our set to a spot-prone teenager who declares herself ‘impressed’.

Like we say, remember the name. And boys, about those sticking plasters…

£27 for eight treatments – buy here