Yope Natural Kids’ Hand Soap Coconut and Mint

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.16.37.png

Most kids would rather lark around in the mud than wash their hands. (Well, the kids we know and love, anyway.) This, however, is a great way to change that: the funkiest-looking hand wash we’ve ever clapped eyes on, from Yope, an all-natural brand which is paraben-free and vegan-friendly.

Like something out of South Park, the squat pump dispenserALL DONEversion has ears and a very cross expression. (As may the child you’ve just instructed to wash their hands.) There’s a smilier version in Natural Jasmine and a slightly timid (perhaps?) Marigold – but we like this cross-patch of a design for Coconut and Mint (and the scent, too).

We think kids will love the gentle and effective formula (kind enough even for sensitive skins – and of course, the so-fun packaging).

Will it be enough to stop them splashing in mud puddles? Nah. But you never know: they might even wash their hands voluntarily, now.

£7.49 – buy here