YOPE Natural Hand Cream


Oh, these are just lovely. And good value. AND now in lots of Waitroses, which makes it easier to get your (soon-to-be-much-softer) hands on them.

YOPE (it rhymes with 'soap') is a Polish brand whose credentials include that they're cruelty-free, sulphate-free, vegan-friendly. What they are is altogether lovely – and we're rather fond of the quirky illustrations and curly typography, which just don't look like anyone else's products.

We like that. Practical, too, from a business point of view. A buyer told us recently that she's stopped buying products that are packaged in all-white – as so many are – because they just disappear on the shelf.

These 98% natural creams come in three lovely scents: aromatic Salvia & Green Caviar (not REAL caviar, obvs), Ginger & Sandalwood (a lovely warming scent combo as we head towards winter), and cooling Tea & Mint, which leaves hands very fresh-scented. (We like it after gardening and messy chores.)

The nourishing formula is a blend of argan, coconut and olive oils, together with shea butter and vitamin E. And it ticks our hand cream boxes: leaves hands soft, yet sinks in fast enough that you don't get trapped in a loo unable to turn the handle till it dries. (It's happened way too often.)

All in all, we say 'yup' to YOPE.

£8.99 for 100ml – buy here