Yogi Bare Yoga Mats


What first drew our attention to these mats at the recent fab Live Well Show at Old Billingsgate was the name. Yogi Bare? We have such fond childhood memories of a rib-tickling TV show with (almost) the same name. Second was the logo. Look closely, and there’s someone doing yoga inside that bear paw.

But what really appealed to us was the idea that these are non-slip mats. Properly non-slip. We’re tired of ‘sticky’ yoga mats which, when you get them home, are… actually slippery as soon as you’ve got a drop of sweat on your feet or hands.

So: fully-dressed, in tights, we put the Yogi Bare natural rubber Paws mat through its paces at the show. (Because we’re at an age where we really don’t care if strangers think we’re mad for doing a few yoga poses, in a skirt, in public). Even in tights the mat was non-slip on the feet – which appeals because in winter, it’d be nice to keep our socks on sometimes. Comfily padded, under our palms, too.

Not cheap, as yoga mats go – but a good yoga mat is an investment in health (and we prioritise splurging on wellbeing over clothes, for sure). We like the red mat, but it also comes in black, teal green and grey – and if you want something really eye-catching, there’s a ‘Teddy’ range finished with soft microfibre, in a splendid range of designs including palm leaves and a really funky marble. (Disclaimer: didn’t try those.)

Dithering over whether or not to spring for a mat? We suggest you check out Yogi Bare – and get a grip.

£52.99 – buy here