XO Balm


Now, this isn't your average multi-purpose balm. It's an XXL, heavy-duty, bring-in-the-troops balm – a true barrier for skin, when it needs protection. 

XO Balm recently got a packaging upgrade - and we adore the new design. (Love a button, us.) As for the product inside, XO Balm is heavy on the beeswax – which is what creates a strong barrier against weather and water. (It's also the only fragrant element in the product, giving the lightest honey scent.) The key oils in the all-natural balm, meanwhile, are coconut, olive and chia seed, and the result is a dense balm which you warm via massaging it into skin.

This is no 'sinks-in-fast' option, though, but something which really multi-tasks as required: slather it on befor gardening, nourish nails with it, smooth over cracked and dry skin to allow it to repair itself, rub a touch between your palms and use it to add texture to hair... According to XO themselves, there are 100 uses!  

Let us know how many you notch up? 

£12.50 for 45g – buy here