Wildsmith Skin


Earlier this year, in a hush-hush way, Wildsmith Skin – an exciting new luxe natural skincare brand – asked us if we could put this collection through its paces with our Beauty Bible testers, pre-launch.

‘Sure,’ we replied. ‘But of course we can’t GUARANTEE that it’ll get good scores.’

We thought it had potential – we’d tried the Wildsmith Skin products ourselves, and found the performance and natural fragrances fantastic – but what the Beauty Bible panellists might say is another matter. (After 22 years of putting products out there for real women to try, one thing we know is that we certainly have no control over that!)

We duly sent the Wildsmith skincare collection out to testers recruited especially for the project via Facebook – and were completely blown away by the feedback. Several of the products truly incredibly high scores after a lengthy period of testing for their anti-ageing properties. 

Wildsmith Skin has now launched. For background, this (admittedly) very luxuriously-priced range has grown out of the hotel project at Heckfield Place (and you’re going to be hearing a lot more about THAT, trust us). It’s had has had some very clever cosmetic scientists and botanists working on it, to turn ingredients (which in future may also be harvested from the grounds of this Hampshire hotel) into sublimely-textured and genuinely age-defying natural products that you can read much more about at wildsmithskin.com.

We thought it was time we shared some of our testers’ feedback on these very special products – three of their faves, which happens to be three of ours, too.

Wildsmith Nourishing Cleansing Balm, £95 for 200 ml. A giant hefty jar of deliciously gloopy, fabulously fragrant cleanser that really pushed testers’ buttons. ‘Would I buy this product? Yes, 1000%! If I could rate this product it would be off-the-scale the best cleanser I have ever used. The texture was just wonderful; gave me a fresh and younger-looking face. Brilliant – absolutely amazing; compared to my usual cleanser this was the best I’ve ever used.’

Wildsmith Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream, £125 for 50 ml. This actually beat all the other creams we trialled in the most recent Beauty Bible Awards! As one tester commented: ‘I can't get enough of this cream - it is completely addictive. Loved the smell which to me is quite important as I will eventually not use something if I don't like the smell of it.  The results on my skin were outstanding and something I will struggle to live without; my skin has never felt so healthy and smooth and glass like.  The texture is lovely and creamy with a boost of hydration on first application which keeps getting better the more you use it.’

Wildsmith Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum, £130 for 30 ml. A real hero from the range which delivered impressive results on fine lines and wrinkles, skin brightness and in particular crêpiness – all of which are extremely tough challenges. ‘This would certainly be called my “Miracle in a Bottle” – it’s a must-try product with visible results. With my skin being more hydrated – plumper and taut – I have greatly benefited from using this serum. Despite being 67 years of age, there is a definite improvement in fine lines/wrinkles. Would I buy it? Yes, yes, yes!’

Bottom line? Beauty Bible testers are just WILD about Wildsmith.

£65-165 – buy here