Vera Mona Color Switch Duo Instant Brush Cleaner

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 09.58.53.png

Just a clever little tool, for a Thursday.

Now, we’re big fans of using make-up brushes to apply shadows. But normally, a different brush is required for each shade, or you get traces of the previous colour when you dip it in another colour, making for uneven application.

With this, you swipe the brush against the ‘outer ring’ and it completely removes the shadow. Even cleverer, if you wet the sponge in the middle, it’s a great reservoir for dipping your brush to intensify shadow colour, or use with cake eyeliner. (Sure beats spit.)

Every so often, you can lift the whole sponge section out and wash with soap and water, dry and reuse.

Easy as that.

£22.95 – buy here