Uma Absolute Anti-Ageing Body Oil


OK, so quite probably this is the nicest-smelling body oil we've ever used. It's definitely the nicest-smelling body oil we can REMEMBER using, with an absolutely fantastic, sense-calming aromatherapeutic blend of orange blossom, rose, sandalwood and frankincense.

Those essential oils aren't just there because of their glorious scents: rose works to maintain moisture, frankincense is a renowned anti-ager, juniper helps accelerate repair, while sandalwood can help with pigmentation challenges. (NB All the oils are grown, distilled, formulated and bottled in small batches on a family estate in India.)

The base, meanwhile, is an ultra-nourishing blend of moringa, grapeseed, jojoba and pomegranate oils. And with that richness, we suggest using before bedtime and just lying there while your skin – and your senses – drink this whole treat in.

Our one caveat? Well, two: the oil is pricy: a major indulgence. (We know we have readers with all levels of budget, NB, and try to cater to all of you.) And the aperture for dispensing the oil is huge; it's really pretty easy to over-slosh, and waste some of the precious oil – but we've trained ourselves to be careful, and are loving every last fragrant drop...

Uma Absolute Anti-Ageing Body Oil/£70 for 100 ml at