Tweezerman Personalised Tweezers


Who do you know who's brow-obsessed...? Or - not to put too fine a point on it - who keeps nicking YOUR tweezers...? (Usually returning them bent, in our experience!) Selfridges and Tweezerman have teamed up to make tweezer theft a thing of the past, with a personalisation #TweezeMe service running from 7th-13th December.

During this time, Selfridges customers can - for no extra charge - have their Slant Tweezer purchase engraved with a name, message or monogram.

It's the first time the service has been offered in the UK - and actually, it's not just for tweezers: any of the Tweezerman Brush IQ make-up brush range (there are 12 in all) can be engraved, too.

So in future, they can keep their plucking hands off your kit - and use their own!

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers/from £20.95 at Selfridges