Beauty Bible's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: bath and bedtime


Why do we love baths and bathing? For many of us, it's the only opportunity for me-time in a frenzied life. So: here you'll find treats for friends and family to turbo-charge the pleasure factor of a good soak - together with a bedtime must-have that we quite simply couldn't life without. Elemental Herbology Five Element Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Collection

We don't know many people who don't love a good wallow in the tub. This set of five miniatures (with a few baths in each good-sized bottle) doesn't disappoint. Each is wonderful: Wood (for rejuvenation), Fire (invigorating), Earth (balancing), Metal (detox) and Water (soothing) - in other words, something there to cope with every emotional need this festive season.

Elemental Herbology Five Element Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Collection/£35 at


Lucy Annabella Bath Milk SetLucy Annabella Organics Mini Bath Milk Gift Set

Lucy Annabella's products are organic, smell incredible and turn a bathroom into a sanctuary. (And who doesn't need that, at this time of year?  This set includes our two favourite bath milks: Cloud Nine, a rejuvenating mix of lemongrass, orange, lime and spearmint and Date Night, an exotic blend of patchouli, ylang ylang, nutmeg and palmarosa. We'd be very happy unwrapping these ourselves come Christmas morning...

Lucy Annabella Mini Bath Milk Gift Set/£30 at


This Works Sleep Plus Pillow SprayThis Works Sleep+ Pillow Spray

We swear by this stuff and have given it to more friends than  we can count. A few spritzes on your pillow and you're soon off to dreamland thanks to a potent blend of lavender - and it's now available in a bumper 150 ml size to ensure many a restful night's sleep, throughout Christmas and way beyond.

This Works Sleep+ Pillow Spray/£35 at