Trish McEvoy Makeup Planners


Beauty editors have lamentably short memories. It's because we get to try so very, very many new products. (Not that we're complaining.) However, sometimes, something comes back into your life – like encountering a long-lost love again, after many years.

Make-up genius Trish McEvoy's planners most definitely fall into that category. They're the 'Filofax of make-up bags', which let you entirely personalise what you carry round with you. (If you're too young to remember: once upon a time, Filofaxes were the go-to, must-have diaries and note-keepers of choice. With the advent of smartphones, they've kind of gone the way of the Dodo.)

Along with little pouches and slots for products and brushes, here are lots of different 'pages', which clip and unclip onto the 'spine' of the bag, so that you're carrying exactly what you want at one go – and if you're a neatnik like us, they're organisational heaven.

Obviously you'd start with an empty planner, and take it from there. There are mini-versions and the larger one. Then all the extras (like sleeves, mirrors, palettes, colours and brushes), are of course – well – extra.

This isn't something we'd recommend you buy online except for replenishments. But really, everyone deserves an outing to a Trish McEvoy counter, for a makeover and the tips which Trish shares with her high-trained team. When there, you can find your perfect planner match, perhaps stock up on some products to go in it – and build from there for a truly customised kit.

The nicest thing about beauty amnesia? Having your memory jogged, by a great product like this.

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