Sisley Paris Black Rose Skin Infusion Face Cream


Oh, bliss, bliss, bliss. Roses coming into bud outside – and a face cream which not only beautifully captures that smell, but is an absolute dream to use. The first thing that strikes us about this – a ‘sister’ product to Sisley’s ‘cult’ Black Rose mask – is that it glides on like almost nothing we’ve ever used. Offering glorious ‘slip’, just a dab can be smoothed pleasurably from hairline to bra-line, leaving everywhere quenched with rosified moisture. They refer to it as a ‘dewdrop’ texture – and can we say: we hope we see a lot more of this kind of formulation.

Skin also immediately appears softer and healthier – and the sheer pleasure factor is guaranteed to ensure that you use this diligently over time, when long-term benefits of plumping and luminosity can really be observed. (Though it delivers on both of those almost instantly, we think.)

Set to be a ‘waitlist’ item, if this fits your skincare budget – and we know it won’t everyone’s – do add your name to that list.

Sisley Paris Black Rose Skin Infusion Face Cream/£128 for 50 ml at