Tom Ford Face Protect SPF50


Jo got to put this through its paces properly back in January on a deliciously l-o-n-g, seriously sun-drenched beach holiday. (Funny how those become more appealing, as the years roll on.) It has the texture of a primer rather than a facial SPF – not greasy, but swiftly absorbed. There are light-reflective pigments which help even out skintone and give a luminous finish – but if you do want to apply make-up over the top, it’s a great base for that – and sinks in fast.

Antioxiants and anti-irritants feature – and Jo can confirm it was just fine on her sun-sensitive complexion. Not that she sat and baked – but while her body built up a gentle golden glow (and absorbed lots of bone-building vitamin D), she had no facial sun damage at the end of her fortnight whatsoever.

We won’t even bother to talk about the sleek and beautiful white packaging. Just two words suffice: Tom. Ford.

And accordingly, as facial SPFs go, it’s fairly pricy. (The tube lasted for Jo’s holiday. Just.) But really, can you put a price on keeping lines and wrinkles at bay…?

Tom Ford Face Protect SPF50/£58 for 30ml at