Benefit Brow Starter Kits


We’ve been raving about Benefit’s massively-extended brow range since it was unveiled last year on the HMS Benefit boat on the Thames. (We’re going miss that, this summer; team brainstorming sessions won’t be the same without pink Astroturf and matching cocktails.) There’s one downside to such a huge range – and that’s the slightly overwhelming choice. Of course, any Benefit make-up artist can help steer you in-store to the right products, but these kits make it a breeze. They’re an edit of what you’ll need for the type of brow ‘look’ that you long for.

Looking for Soft & Natural Brows? That kit contains goof proof brow pencil; high brow pencil; ready, set, brow! (brow setting gel) and shaping stencils to help you achieve the perfect personalised ‘arch’. (Or simply use the other goof-proof products free-hand.)

Looking for Defined & Refined Brows? If it’s a more precision look you’re after, this is definitely your go-to kit: BROWvol conditioning primer; precisely, my brow pencil (a favourite of Jo’s for its incredibly precise, fine strokes); high brow pencil (a highlighter) and a clever brow mapping tool.

On the other hand, if you like a really strong brow look, Bigger & Bolder Brows is your bag: ka-BROW! (brilliant cream-gel colour with a brush), ready, set, brow!, high brow pencil (for highlighting beneath the arch) and shaping stencils.

All you need for brows that are easy as A, B, C.

Benefit Brow Starter Kits/£31.50 each at