Tip of the Day: 10.01.2017

It doesn’t have to be a total loss if your eyeshadow, powder or blusher compact has smashed, causing its contents to loosen and spill. You can repair it, as long as the mirror didn’t break (which means tiny particles of glass might be embedded in the product, and the compact should be thrown away). Gently scrape off the top layer of powder with a non-serrated kitchen knife to remove any dust or dirt. Then cut the toe off a pair of sheer tights and tightly wrap the piece over the pressed powder, gathering and security it with a rubber band or taping it to the bottom of the compact with gaffer tape. OK, so it’s not going to LOOK fabulous – but the screen will act as a sieve to filter the excess powder from your brush (and therefore your face). And the stocking mesh – which should be fine enough to close your compact over – will prevent powder from leaking in your make-up bag.  


Tip Of The DayTania Smith