Anabel Kindersley (of Neal's Yard Remedies) shares her 7 secrets of beauty and wellbeing


Anabel Kindersley is Co-owner of the pioneering organic and natural skincare company of Neal’s Yard Remedies, a homeopath and mother of two. A great advertisement for healthy living, with boundless energy, for this latest in our occasional series of insights into how women maintain a balance in a busy life, Anabel shares her secrets. 1. I take a holistic approach to health for me and my family. I have always been a strong proponent of holistic health, using a combination of homeopathy, herbs and tinctures to help heal and maintain my family’s health for many years. I also see different practitioners at Neal’s Yard Remedies, who help support my good health.

2. Helping people. Working as a homeopath and helping my patients keeps me balanced, too. It is a great privilege to treat people and observe their transformation to better health. I constantly learn from my patients and my work - being a practitioner has quite literally changed my life.

3. Cooking organic healthy food. I’ve always been a passionate cook and have used exclusively organic ingredients for over 20 years. I love baking, especially bread and cakes – and enjoy experimenting using different flours and fruits instead of sugar, as well as incorporating superfoods. I’m on a constant lookout for new superfoods to introduce into our range, as I’m fascinated by their different therapeutic benefits for inner health and outer beauty. I’ve just made some organic banana bread and added our Neal’s Yard Remedies Berry Complex, which was so delicious!

4. Family life. My family is the centre of my world; I have two teenage children, and we still do everything together. We used to live in Ibiza and still own an organic olive farm there - that’s my spiritual home, as it’s peaceful and quiet, the perfect respite from hectic London life.

5. Organic, natural skincare. I have always been conscious about ingredients in beauty products and so I only use ones which are certified organic. I can’t live without my Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm as it really is a one pot wonder and I use it for absolutely everything! I use it as a cleanser, moisturiser, mask, and for any dry patches. The blend of essential oils makes it smell divine, and in fact whenever I use it I’m always asked what perfume I’m wearing.

6. Walking on Hampstead Heath. I love walking on the Heath with my husband, and our tiny dachshund, Doris Day. Walking amongst those magnificent trees, and surrounded by all the greenery you can think of, clears my thoughts, and helps me get ready for the day ahead. At the weekend I long for the children to walk with us, but we just can’t get them out of bed!

7. A good night’s sleep. To keep up with my busy life, I really need my eight hours of sleep. Having a bath before bed is my ultimate treat, and I always use Lavender Bath Salts/£14.50 for 350g; lavender is the number one herb to promote good sleep.