This Works asks: what will lack of sleep do to your looks...?


If this doesn't encourage you to get an early night tonight (and from now on), perhaps nothing will.

This Works has created a clever website app that will show you what you'll look like in five years' time if your natural ageing process is speeded up by lack of sleep. (Which it's clinically proven to impact on.) You simply upload a picture of yourself, and in a matter of seconds there you are – Tardis-ed into the future. You'll see how you might look five years hence – with and without good sleep.

The results are a t-e-e-n-y bit fuzzy (well, they were when we gave it a go) – but it definitely gives pause for thought. It's certainly enough to reinforce our resolution to get to bed at a regular time, and sleep for just a little bit longer.

Alongside the app, there's a really good, in-depth read on the site about the science of sleep and skin, which you can read here. It reminds us, once and for all, that it's not called 'beauty sleep' for nothing.

It also coincides with some brilliant limited edition sleep sprays and candles in mega-sizes, which we will absolutely, 100% be stocking up on – because we cannot get enough of This Works Deep Sleep.

Now, about that Ovaltine...