The Sanctuary Replenishing Hydra-Tonic

If ever a body lotion was designed for cooling summer use, this is it. You know how some creams can feel claggy, in warmer weather?  The Sanctuary's, by contrast, is seriously refreshing:  a featherweight gel-lotion which nevertheless packs a nourishing punch to leave skin instantly velvety.  This is dress-and-go stuff.

At the same time, it manages to bring down skin's temperature.  (Though it's not menthol-y, or pepperminty:  instead, there are lift-your-spirits citrus notes of grapefruit and orange in there.)

Though they don't market it as such, Beauty Bible thinks it would also make a great after-sun.

Better still, keep it in your hotel mini-bar.  It's the cocktail skin needs after a hot day on that beach.

UK readers find The Sanctuary Replenishing Hydra-Tonic at£10.25 for 200 ml - find it here